How to Make Your Own Eyeglass Necklace or Eyeglass Chains Part III

Published: 11th May 2011
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In the world of crafting jewelry making, there are many steps of preparation before you actually sit down to craft the jewelry. In parts one and two of this article series, we discussed purchasing and gathering all the necessary supplies, and setting up your work area so that everything is within easy access, and you're comfortable sitting there for hours at a time.

Now, were actually going to get down to the nitty gritty and discuss, step-by-step, how to make eyeglass necklaces, and eyeglass chains.

So without further ado…

Making the Chains and Necklaces

After getting the supplies and setting them all up on your table, you can begin making your eyeglass jewelry. This is actually the most difficult part of the whole process. Unless you’ve been doing this for years, and chances are if you're reading this article you haven't, you're going to mess up, make mistakes, and perhaps totally hate the first thing you make.

Good news! Everyone messes up, but that you to get back in that chair and start over again. With that said, let's begin.

Step one: you need to measure the length of string you will be using to make the actual necklace or chain. Take your string, loop it around your neck and cut it once you think it’s long enough. Be careful, too short and you might not be able to get the glasses to your face, and too long and the eyeglasses can bump and scrape against things. Ideally, the string should be no longer than 36 inches and no shorter than 26 inches.

Step two: you need to choose a pattern for your beads. With all of the beads you bought, you should be able to create incredible pattern for your eyeglass necklace. Be creative. Create a pattern that you actually wear with your own wardrobe-eyeglass necklaces and eyeglass chains are accessories after all. Once you've selected your pattern, lay the beads out on a towel or in a plastic tray to keep them from rolling off the table.

Step three: begin the threading process by passing a string through a crimp bead, and eyeglass holder. Flatten the crimp bead with your needle nose pliers. Once the crimp bead is flattened, you can begin to string the beads in your chosen pattern being careful to continue in the correct pattern so you don't have to go back and correct it. Once you strung all the beads, place a second crimp bead on the other end of the string along with the second eyeglass holder. Flatten the crimp bead with your needle nose pliers.

Step four: take your eyeglasses and insert each earpiece into the loop of the eyeglass holders. Slip the eyeglass necklace or eyeglass chain over your head and around your neck. Test the weight. You should be able to pull on the elastic string without fear that it will snap.

Now that you've created your very first eyeglass necklace or eyeglass chain, you can create a whole set using different bead patterns, and create your own eyeglass accessory fashion line.

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